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Stairs meet glass

"Innovative architectural design intertwines stairs with sleek glass balustrades for a modern, open aesthetic."

Aesthetics merged with Architecture


Integrating design principles and visual elements to create harmonious and visually appealing built environments.


Welcome to 360 Frameless Glass, where innovation meets elegance. We specialize in crafting modern and sophisticated frameless glass solutions for your living spaces. Our products, featuring high-quality tempered glass, redefine the aesthetics of your surroundings by seamlessly blending style and functionality. Explore a world of openness and contemporary design with 360 Frameless Glass – transforming spaces into reflections of modern luxury.


Meet our advanced measuring solution, the Proliner. At 360 Frameless Glass, we employ the Proliner technology for precise measurements, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in our projects


Trust in our expert teams to transform your vision into reality, creating spaces that epitomize excellence and sophistication.